Innovative Logistic Solutions

All of your transport needs

The trickier the challenge, the more we like it. Road Hog Transport is predominately a transport service, we also pride ourselves on our ability to provide innovative logistic solutions for our customers. 


Q. Why don’t all your trucks have logos?

A. For security reasons. People know we carry precious cargo, but we don't want to adervtise the fact! 


Q. Is my equipment fully insured i.e. for every event not just a rollover etc?

A. We have a Full Marine Carriers policy in place for all goods carried.


Q. Do you own the vehicles being used to transport my goods (as it would be very hard to insure products on somebody else’s equipment?

A. Yes we have own vehicles and our own full-time staff.


Q. Are the units transported undercover, in fully enclosed vehicles that are safe and secure?

A. Yes at all times except where some units are oversized we have specialised equipment for this purpose.


Q. Do you run regularly, i.e. weekly?

A. We run weekly covering a territory from Cairns to Melbourne along the Eastern Seaboard.


Q. Do you provide a door-to-door service?

A. Yes, this is our most preferable avenue, however we can organise depot deliveries and storage where required.


Q. Do I have to pay a booking fee and when?

A. No. Payment will be required upon pick-up or delivery. This would be organised at time of booking. (Payment in advance of a service is not something we would advise).